Taman Keramat, AU2 Ampang



dobiQueen Self Service Laundry Taman Keramat, AU2 Ampang

11, Jalan AU 2A/17,
Taman Sri Keramat
68000 Ampang

Where is dobiQueen Taman Keramat, Ampang?

#Opposite Mahkamah Rendah Syariah Daerah Gombak Timur (Keramat)

dobiQueen 24 hours self service laundry Taman Keramat, Ampang is located just opposite of the justice court. It is unmistakable, Zakat Selangor is located here too, you can’t miss it!

#Same Row As Restoran Langgaq & 7-Eleven

Restoran Langgaq is very popular among the locals for its famous bihun soup. Do your laundry while you enjoy a nice bowl of bihun soup! By the time you finish your noodles, your laundry will be ready for pick up too!

Coin Laundry Services Taman Keramat, Ampang

dobiQueen 24 hours self service laundry Taman Keramat is located nicely in a small residential area located in Ampang easily accessible from Kuala Lumpur via Jalan Ampang. Small, yet a buzzing little town nonetheless. Home to the many, dobiQueen helps the community by bringing you a dobi layan diri 24 jam Taman Keramat, Ampang. Just within minutes of drive away and takes no more than 1 hour to have your weekly laundry cleaned and dried. On top of that, helping you save cost and time effectively at a laundry service near you.

Now available within footsteps away and with no more than 5 minutes of drive, Taman Keramat is home to a diverse range of shops and businesses from restaurants and cafes to clinics and mini markets and from car workshops to budget hotels. You can almost do everything that you need to or want to without long hours or spending lots of money. dobiQueen, a laundry shop near you, proudly comes into the picture and give you a dobi layan diri that you can trust for a cleaner and fresher wash. Oh not to forget a quicker wash also!

You know the place, you know where we are, come to a dobiQueen laundromat near you today and have your laundry cleaned now!

Laundry Home/Office Delivery Service, Door To Door, Same Day Delivery, Taman Keramat Ampang, AU2

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