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Pay by Bags

not by weight. Fill it up & we’ll wash everything in the bag

1 Bag 1 Machine. Separate

bags are washed in separate machines.

Door to Door Service

while you stay at home and relax.

Unsure what to wash?

Here’s a few suggestions…
wash bedding sheets laundry


Comforters (or “Toto”), bed sheets, pillow cases, blankets.
daily clothes laundry

Daily, Work, Home clothing

T-shirts, shirts, trousers, shorts, blouse, skirts, socks…… well, pretty much anything that you wear!
soft toys laundry service

Soft Toys

Soft toys can be washed but please check that the threads are still strong. Old soft toys are not recommended to be sent in for washing. We might not be able to return it in one piece =(

Laundry Services Open Now Near You

Home laundry service pick up in Puchong. Door to door.

Ready for pickup and delivery laundry services in Puchong? dobiQueen will pickup and deliver your clothes, no fuss. Right at your door step, that’s right; that’s door to door.

For a smart way to do your laundry nearby Puchong, try dobiQueen on demand laundry service. dobiQueen is open now and open always; 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days year round. So if you think of where is the laundry / dobi service near me is open now, dobiQueen is here for you.

We collect, clean, then deliver your clean clothing back to the your home or office in as little as 3 hours. After your garments arrive at one of our local laundry facilities, we start a rigorous and gentle cleaning process to remove dirt, soil, sweat and residue. Sparkling clean, your specialist returns them straight to you.

People all over Puchong are enjoying dobiQueen’s pick up services which allows you to browse through our home laundry services available and place an order at the tap of a button.

In Puchong, we provide a no fluff, no nonsense wash, tumble dry and folding service, a laundry service with a professional touch. We can collect and clean shirts dresses, casual clothing, comforters (toto), bedsheets, towels and dozens of other items in your home.

Once you’ve placed your order, we’ll send you regular notifications along the journey; we will always contact you before we arrange any delivery. The average family spends 10 hours a week on home laundry and even more on walking to the high street to drop off dry cleaning. Why not give this never-ending chore the slip, and try dobiQueen today? You could be spending your free time walking about in IOI Puchong mall or perhaps sipping coffee catching up with friends in a café. Life is better without laundry; so get adventurous and try a new hobby perhaps or explore a new mall out of Puchong.

Ironing services and dry cleaning will be available soon.

We also provide laundry services to hotels, inns, bed and breakfast, condominiums, serviced apartments in Puchong – get in touch today and we’ll help take a load off your hands.

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