Each machine will be installed, as such that all of them have maximum visibility to the pedestrians, avoiding potential customers from mistaking that the machines are all being used during peak hours.


Our furnitures and interior designs will make it easy for you to clean them on a regular basis. Using stellar quality supplies, the surfaces are robust and resistant to scratches! A damp cloth is just about the only thing you need to do most of the cleaning!


With the special combination of vibrant colours and harmonising contrasts, your outlets gives off a welcoming ambience, making your outlets truly stand out from the crowd. It will be a  laundry outlet that people find hard to forget!


By installing designer grade LED downlight along with the proper lighting temperature, your outlets will have a well-lit and welcoming ambience. On top of that, it provides your customers a sense of security in your outlet and deters criminals from entering your outlet.


Unlike most laundromats that suffer from overwhelming heat congestion issues, we have engineered our air ventilation systems to ensure customers can relax and have their laundry done in a cooling atmosphere. No more sweats! You can check out our outlets’ interiors and design by clicking here.